SIDHE Festival-The Small Pebble in the Pond

The Southern Indiana Druid and Heathen Event is July 13-15, 2018. This will be the fourth year that Black Bear Grove will host a ritual. It will be at 3-4:30pm on Saturday July 14. It is a great event with plenty of workshops, food, camping, bonfires, singing, and camaraderie.

In 2016 the black bear had been spotted in Indiana for the first time in decades and social turmoil was becoming predominant. This is the synopsis we had for that year’s ritual:

Safe spaces are feeling fewer and farther between in our society these days. The Black Bear Grove of Bloomington, Indiana is a small pebble thrown into the pond of society, striving to create safe space. We start with ourselves, and create the space for the effects of that work to ripple out into the greater community, always knowing we have a place to return to and celebrate and renew our commitments to ourselves and each other.

This year’s Black Bear SIDHE ritual will call to the Black Bear, and all the communities which have been hurt, diminished, and driven away, acknowledging our contributions to these injustices, and begin again the process of healing. We will call in the healers among our ancestors, our local nature spirits and our gods to help us continue the work of creating safe spaces in our hearts, our minds, and our communities for ourselves and for those who most need them now. It will take all of us, taking small actions, every day, to change the landscape so that it is safe for the Black Bear to return to Indiana, so that it is safe for LGBTQAI humans to be fully themselves, so that it is safe for Black lives here, so that it is safe for Native lives here, so that it is safe for women here. The injustices are intertwined, and so is the healing.

This year as those communities and others (including those who come to our country looking for a better life) are still in peril, we will continue the work of healing the earth, our communities, and ourselves, allowing bears and other wildlife and people to coexist with each other in harmony as their full and whole selves. We are still the small pebble in the pond of society, but the ripples of our work continue to expand. Let the wave continue.

The Black Bear Grove, ADF is in its 15th year and has put on over 100 public high day rituals on the public lands in and around Bloomington, Indiana. We are a small, committed, lay-led community with our own quirky style. Our priority is to put on excellent, impactful rituals and to be a welcoming, safe space to newcomers, regular visitors, and full members alike. If you’re not sure if our rituals are the right place for you, just show up! It will become clear to you pretty quickly whether our unique combination of comfortable reverence and irreverence is a good fit. The SIDHE Festival is a great opportunity to check us out.

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