Saturday June 30, 2018

Social hour & set-up: 4:00 pm
Pre-ritual briefing starts: 5:00 pm                    Location: Hoosier National Forest

We will be honoring the Greek gods Zeus and Athena and also Apollo and Hermes. We will celebrate the ancient Athenian New Year. As always, all who are respectful are welcome.
  • Our rituals are always outdoors. Be sure to dress appropriately.
  • We always have a fire at our rituals unless there is a burn ban.
  • Our rituals usually last from 1 1/2 to 3 hours, followed by revels, usually at the site.
  • We often use incense and sage for smudging and sometimes kerosene for torches.


  • A chair (if you don’t want to stand for the entire ritual);
  • Offerings (these can be physical items, a musical offering, poetry, etc.);
  • A beverage or food for revels;
  • A monetary donation for charity.
    (No one will be turned away for bringing none of these things.)


DIRECTIONS (from Bloomington)

The ritual will be held in Hoosier National Forest, south of Bloomington. (If this is your first time joining us in Hoosier National Forest please allow yourself an hour and fifteen minutes travel time)

Google Map coordinates

  • Take IN state SR 46 to the east side of Bloomington, IN- Turn south on IN SR 446 (there is a Bruster’s Ice Cream shop at this corner).
  • Drive for approx. 7 miles and cross Lake Monroe.
  • Drive for approx. 5 more miles and turn left onto Tower Ridge Road. (There is a big white sign for the Deam Wilderness at this intersection. There is also a small Pentecostal Church near the corner)
  • Travel 4 miles and then pass Grubb Ridge Trailhead on the left.
  • Continue for another 1.5 miles and then pass the Hickory Ridge Trailhead with the fire tower on the left.
  • The next road is (1500W). There will be a sign for Camp Maumee at this intersection. The campsite is right at this corner.
  • Park along the road – you have arrived.

For more info, please contact us at least 48 hours before the ritual at or 24 hours beforehand at